Long Term Assignment [Fall 2019]: Reasons We Ink 

For my long term assignment I decided to explore a social trend that’s become more accepting and popular during the recent years, the world of tattooing. For this project I approached a wide variety of people, strangers as well as people I’m familiar with, and asked them to show me their favorite tattoo.  After shooting, I interview them about their tattoo and I ask them a series of questions in order to gain more knowledge and background about their headspace when they got their ink. In the beginning I asked them numerous questions but as I further refined my project I only asked them four questions. How old were you when you got this tattoo? How old are you now? How much did it cost? Why did you get this tattoo and what does it symbolize to you? I typed up their information and displayed it next to their photograph to create the final product.

My original goal for this assignment was to connect with people and learn about how people place value in their body modifications. How does the meaning of having a tattoo change based off of a person’s life experiences? What is a good enough reason to get a design permanently tattooed on their body? This project actually exceeded my initial expectations and it gave me an amazing insight into the world of body modifications. It also gave me an amazing opportunity to meet and speak with people I otherwise wouldn’t had spoken with. 

In terms of final presentation, I would ideally have a big print of the tattoo and a piece of paper with the information hung next to it or have the photos and information printed in a book.