Curatorial Rationale

The concept of this exhibit is to use ideas such as duality and repetition to disorient the audience and to bring multiple meanings to one piece of artwork. The selected pieces in this exhibit all share a common sense of ambiguity about the message it’s trying to convey, with many being up to the viewer’s interpretation. However, they all include some sort of repetition with a unique and odd twist to an otherwise normal subject. This helps to contribute to a perplexing and distinctive mood found in the art for the exhibit. The overall disorienting nature of the art forces the viewer to look more than once at a piece to fully understand the meaning. In addition to this, the actual setup of the exhibit furthers the art’s goal of being confusing at first glance. Various pieces scaled and cropped to different sizes all contribute to this concept. The piece Wandering to Find My Place being presented smaller compels the viewer to move closer to the work to have a more intimate viewing of all the different components. Likewise, the piece Light and Dark being printed very large forces viewers to take a step back and observe the art in its entirety. Additionally, Light and Dark is notably the focal point of the exhibit. Its size in relation to the rest of the works helps it command the exhibit and is instantly where viewer’s eyes fall at first glance.

Another prevalent concept in the exhibit is the passage of time. When viewing each piece the viewer’s eye is led in a certain direction, which gives the feeling of time passing. Pieces such as Two Faced and Constriction exemplify this idea by leading the audience to view each piece from left to right and almost tell a sort of story. Wandering to Find My Place has the subject moving around, leading eyes to different places, and Light and Dark has the viewer begin their ‘journey’ at the top of the print until they reach the bottom. The only piece that doesn’t represent this concept is Quadrants which represents the stand still of time. The symmetry purposefully doesn’t allow for this idea to manifest in the viewer’s mind and has a feeling of being completely static or timeless.

Overall, each piece is successful as an individual body of art as well as contributing to the mood in the exhibit, thus, helping the exhibit become a piece of disorienting art itself.